Manufacture of Farm Equipments in Mexico

Disc Harrow

NORTEZAC Professional 20 Blades 22" Diam Box Frame Disc Harrow Combination


Made in Mexico

Agricultural Hay Rake

Made in Mexico

Agricultural Rotary cutter

Rotary Cutter Worcking wide 60 inches 

tree point hitche category 2 


Made in Mexico

About us 

NORTEZAC SA DE CV is an international company established in the north of the state of ZACATECAS that belongs to the country of MÉXICO,


We Are MANUFACTURE's of FARM EQUIPMENTS In MEXICO since 2007 And carefully we are making high quality of Equipments


We have an extensive experience and responsibility to meet needs of the agricultural producers on this and others countries.


The farm equipments of the NorteZac brand are manufactured under strict quality standards, with the aim of having durable and reliable products, with its own design based on the knowledge obtained in the Mennonite agricultural practice.


Before going on the market, our products are tested in the field by a group of expert farmers from the Mennonite community, who subsequently make recommendations that allow us to correct and improve our implements.


When we decided to make our own NORTEZAC Brand Agricultural Equipment line, we wanted to use as many components made in Mexico as possible. We manufacture all the structures here at. La Honda Zacatecas, made of high quality steel. We have very strict requirements on the steel we use in our equipment, which is all cut by CNC machines for maximum precision. This process of high quality tools and materials guarantees that every time we do it lasts for many years. Bearing supports are our custom designs, we have tried several different designs in our Equipment Line and we found the ones that work better, so as to always improve the quality, our Implements are designed to withstand abuse and provide a high quality accessory in the next years.

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